Is security working for you, or anyone?

It's not your imagination

With the increasing frequency of breaches and ransomware, is there anything that a CEO can do to secure the enterprise's data?  Does security technology even work at all?

Learning from
the past

It seemed like the right thing at the time – but old assumptions wear out, and now we're in dangerous territory.

Didn't we already
solve this?

No we didn't, for a number of reasons – but we're ready now.

Behind the scenes

A quick look at how PKI makes Authenticity actually work.

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Putting it together

How the essential parts of Authenticity work together.

History repeating

Sometimes inventors have difficulty communicating with those who can make their creations usable in the real world. That’s why PKI is such an undiscovered gem.

No excuses now

The misunderstandings and resistance that have prevented PKI from delivering on its promise.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.

Remember this?

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Identies for the cloud

Call it cloud computing, call it pervasive outsourcing and telecommuting, the fact is that things have changed. In many ways, your network replaces your buildings. A widely dispersed collection of people with whom you never rub shoulders are in there, looking at files and installing software.

You need to know with a reliable measure of certainty just who those people are.

Identity used to be a rather simple matter. Personnel records from HR went into your LDAP or Active Directory and were managed by your identity management software. You knew who your people were because you saw them face to face every day.

Now, your users come from remote offices and suppliers and distributors and customers. Who checked the identities of these people? How sure are you that they are who they say they are?

Indeed, how sure are you that your competitors haven't taken advantage of the vague and variable ways that identities are claimed out there in the wild?

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AUTHENTICITY™ In The Enterprise™ brings you

  • Digital Identity Certificates that carry a measure of their own reliability – the product of our rigorous enrollment procedures.
  • CredentialBridge™ linking the existing identity credentials used by your organization to PKI key pair based identities
  • Accountable Micro-Segmentation assuring you that all network assets and workloads are properly isolated, and reachable only by users who are not only authorized but who possess the PENs (private keys) accompanying those identity certificates, each of which carries an Identity Quality score.
  • CertAuth™ – Implementing certificate authentication throughout your network.
  • DSE™ – Digital Signatures Everywhere – assuring you that all events are digitally signed by the person responsible.
  • Logchain™ – A network log that resembles a blockchain, with all network events immutably recorded and signed.

Behind the epidemic of cyberattacks, malware, online predation, data breaches, ransomware, identity theft and IoT-borne DDOS attacks and other digital plagues is inauthenticity.

You can’t fight inauthenticity by trying to determine the intentions and character of the sender of a stream of bits. Rather, you eliminate inauthenticity with Authenticity™.

Download our white paper, "Have Identities Before You Manage Them" and learn how AUTHENTICITY™ In The Enterprise™ will bring new levels of security and manageability to your organization.

White Paper
Get the white paper:
Have Identities Before You Manage Them